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There are many varieties and dialects of Arabic but Modern Standard Arabic is the official language of books, newspapers and the academic world. Modern Standard Arabic is the official language in 26 states, including those countries of the Arab League and includes Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. There are over 300 million native speakers of Arabic and many more non-native speakers. Arabic is also one of six the official languages of the United Nations and is the liturgical language of the religion Islam. Linguation can provide high-quality translation services for any of your English to Arabic or Arabic to English translation requirements.

Linguation can provide your business English Arabic translations

Linguation has a team of English Arabic translators with a variety of specialisms. Whatever your translation requirement, we will have a translator in our team well suited to meet your translation needs. Contact Linguation with all your English Arabic translation needs. We have specialist translators in a variety of areas, including business, finance, legal, medical, academic and technical fields. We will assign a native speaker with the relevant specialist expertise to your English Arabic document. Moreover, at Linguation we appreciate the importance of cultural understanding and we will assign an English Arabic translator with the appropriate knowledge of the target audience culture to ensure that your document feels local and does not inadvertently cause offence in your specific target country.

Linguation can provide certified translation of your personal documents

It may be that you require translation of personal documents either from English into Arabic or from Arabic into English. You might need a translation of your personal identification, such as your passport or ID card. You may need a translation of your driving licence or your birth certificate. If you plan to study or work abroad you may need your qualifications translated. For these documents to be recognised by authorities, they often need to be certified or sworn translations. Linguation has a number of translators with the authority to provide certified or sworn translations. These certified translations will be accepted by academic institutions, government authorities and courts of law. Simply upload your English Arabic document to our secure online system and you will receive immediate price information for your English Arabic translation.

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