The wide recognition of the Croatian language across Europe

Although Croatia is widely known for its breathtaking landscape, it is the language that should be recognized for its prevalence throughout Europe. As a variation of the Serbo-Croatian language, Croatian has established itself as an official language in Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and different regions of Serbia and Austria. It remains an official minority language in numerous countries including, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech Republic to name a few. Currently, there are over 5.6 million native speakers and Croatian has been recognized as one of the official languages of the European Union. Linguation Online Translation Agency offers an abundance of languages for the translation of specialized documents. Our network of experts have an understanding of linguistics and the specific writing conventions that is unique to every language. They are fully capable of adapting any document from Croatian to German and vice versa. Regardless of the language you require, Linguation will find a suitable translator to successfully perform the translation of your document.

Translation of documents from the professionals with the knowledge of industry requirements

In addition to comprehending the conventions of linguistics, the experts at Linguation Online translation agency also have a profound knowledge of the industry specific requirements for the translation of documents. Depending on whether you require a medical, legal, technical, or any other specialized translation, every field will have its own set of format requirements and appropriate tone in writing. At Linguation, we will only assign a suitable translator with the necessary education of your respective industry. This method will guarantee that all specific terminology is accurately translated, to convey the same meaning as the source text. Regardless of the language, whether it is Croatian to Chinese and vice versa, the translation will always maintain the same intended message. Our experts will ensure that the translation is fit for your purpose, and that it is tailored to meet the standards of the target audience.

Quality assurance system that will deliver every translation on time

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, our team of experts will perform quality assurance checks to ensure the total accuracy of a translation. The quality assurance system is designed as a two-step process that will check both the initial and final drafts of a text. First, it will correct any mistranslations and general mistakes that are bound to arise during the process. Secondly, an expert in your industry will thoroughly check that the correct format was used, and that the overall text conveys the same message as the source document. Once this crucial step is complete, the finished document will be delivered both electronically and by post to the agreed upon date. You can be reassured that the confidentiality of your personal information will be kept secure. Throughout the entire process, you will receive updates on the status of the translation, and be kept well-informed of any major issues regarding your translation. Our dedicated staff is also available online to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Linguation is a professional service provider that can successfully translate even the most complex document.

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