China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao all speak Mandarin Chinese as their national language, and Chinese is one of 6 official languages of the United Nations. An estimated 1.3 billion people speak Chinese as their native language. With international companies, leading medical advances, and the continual desire to learn and explore, it is increasingly common to communicate with people who speak another language. Using a Chinese translation service will guarantee that your words can be understood and implemented, regardless of which language you are communicating.

Uses for Chinese Translation Services

Whether you are traveling for pleasure, conducting international business, or sharing technological or scientific advances with the world, it is important that the information you are offering is translated correctly. By choosing Linguation’s Chinese translation services, you remove all concerns. You will be certain that your documents are in order, and do not end up in a poor business deal.

Services: Chinese to English and Many Other Languages

Linguation offers a fixed pricing schedule for the translation of standard documents like birth certificates, driver’s licenses, educational certificates, and international commercial registration documents. We calculate our pricing structure based on the complexity of the subject area or difficulty of texts, languages used, size of the document, and requested delivery date. You will receive a free quote with no obligation before you complete the order, including a promised delivery date. Quotes are available 24/7!

We are able to provide Chinese translation services to and from a variety of languages including German, French, Arabic, Dutch, Turkish, and English to Chinese. We can provide medical record translations, academic record translations, technical translations, scientific translations, proofreading translations, and marketing translations, accurately and on time.

Our Guarantee for Excellent Chinese Translation Services

At Linguation, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality. Our translations are guaranteed for accuracy and delivery before the delivery date. We take our commitment seriously, and back our quality guarantee with our two-stage review system. When we receive your document for translation, it is assigned to one of our certified translation specialists. Our team members receive specific training, have experience in the specified field, and are native speakers of the target language. Once translated, a second translation specialist reviews each document for accuracy before it is delivered to you.

When you upload your document and receive your quote, there is nothing hidden. No registration is required, no extra hidden fees and your guaranteed delivery date is the latest day you will receive your document. Documents can be uploaded 24/7, and there is an email provided if you are unsure which selections apply to you. Choose Linguation for your Chinese translation service for accurate and timely translations.

Instant Quote
The right professional translation price and all the delivery information
Professional Translators
Your documents will be translated exclusively by native speakers of the target language
Tracking System
With our translation tracking system, you can always check the status of your translation
No Registration Required
Use our services without registration

Guarantee of translation quality

  • Sworn translators
  • Two-stage quality control
  • Free editing service

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