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Increasingly people especially professionals are working for organizations in different countries either as employees or consultants. The organization hiring their services, would like to know the qualifications of the person before hiring them to finalize the compensation for the person and assigning work. The organization may be located in a country where the spoken, written language is different from the language in the country where the professional completed his education. Though there are automated translation services available, these are not very accurate. Hence it is advisable to hire the services of Linguation, our specialized firm offering certificate of qualifications translation service, so that the qualifications of the professional is accurately translated into the desired language. Using the services of a professional and competent translator will ensure that there is no error, and the right words are used to convey your qualifications.

Education certificate translation for academic purposes

Often students wish to study in other countries where the language different. In other cases, the parents of the student may relocate to another country for professional reasons. To get admission to a school or college, the student will have to provide details of their existing qualifications, so that they can be admitted to the right course. Though they may have got a qualifications certificate from their previous school or college, the educational institution to which they wish to get admission may not understand the certificate, since the language differs. In this case, it is better to get hire our services since we are a reputed certificate of qualifications translation agency. Our trained and experienced translators are familiar with the educational qualifications in different countries, and will translate the qualifications certificate correctly, so that there is student can easily get admission to the college or school required. Teachers, lecturers and professors, can also use our translation services for qualifications certificate while applying for a teaching or research job in another country, where the widely used language differs.

The experienced and trained professionals at Linguation are proficient in the language being translated and are usually native speakers in the language into which the certificate is being translated. They are also familiar with the educational system in different countries, the certificates issued after completion of school, college, undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate studies. They are aware that there are some differences in the educational system in each country and will try to ensure that the translation correctly indicates academic qualification of the student or professional so that he gets the opportunities or compensation he deserves. We understand that professionals and students often require the translated certificate at the earliest, hence we take pride in completing the translation quickly, usually within 8 hours of receiving the documents for translation. Our clients can be assured of the quality of our service, since we will give a receipt for the translation work, we do. This ensures that the organization using the translated document can contact us at a later date, if they require any kind of clarification or help regarding the translated certificate.

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