Understanding the roots of the Catalan language

Catalan, also known as Valencian, is the official language of Andorra with over 4.1 million native speakers, and is also prominently spoken in the Spanish regions of the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, and Valencian. The origins of Catalan lie from vulgar Latin, which was prevalent in the Middle Ages around the eastern Pyrenees. The language soon evolved and it is now considered a member of the Western Romance languages under the Indo-European language family. Linguation Online Translation Agency offers a considerable number of languages and native speakers to perform various translation services. Our experts are eligible to translate even the most difficult text into Catalan and Finnish, or vice versa. They have the linguistical knowledge to utilize the correct writing conventions, and transfer the original meaning as accurately as possible into the target language.

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Every document is intended to be used for a specific purpose within a specified industry, and with it, comes its own set of requirements that are expected for a translated document. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, our translators have acquired a level of expertise in industries ranging from medical to legal, and many more. An expert with the knowledge of your specific field will be employed to facilitate the translation process. They will have the appropriate knowledge of industry-specific terminology, and key concepts that are crucial to communicating the correct message towards the target audience. Most importantly, our experts will ensure that the translation adheres to the requirements of your industry. By following this crucial step, the document will be made useful for the industry in the specified country or jurisdiction. You can always rely on the experts at Linguation to deliver a successful translation.

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At Linguation Online Translation Agency, there are several additional systems that have been placed to ensure the security and accuracy of every document. Our online uploading platform is fully secure and will ensure the confidentiality of every document throughout the translation process. Only the expert assigned to your specific translation will have access to the information stated within the document. Every translated document at Linguation must undergo the two-step quality assurance system, to ensure the consistent level of quality for every service. This system will check to make certain that all mistakes have been corrected, and that the overall message is consistent with the source document. Furthermore, every translation will be checked for the correct implementation of the requirements set by industry professionals. Linguation experts will always deliver a translation that is successfully utilized by the target audience within a respective industry.

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