The influence of surrounding cultures on the establishment of the Bosnian language

Bosnian is most recognized as the official language in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro with approximately 2.5 million native speakers. It is the most notable language among the Serbo-Croatian group, due to its unique alphabetical system and exposure from surrounding cultures. Bosnian utilizes both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet systems, and has borrowed a significant number of words from the Arabic, Turkish, and Persian languages. This was the result of the language’s interaction with other cultures through Islamic ties. Today, Bosnian is a recognized minority language in many countries including, Serbia, Croatia, and Kosovo. Linguation Online Translation Agency is dedicated to offering an extensive range of target languages for the translation of specialized documents. Our experts have the appropriate training and experience to carry out the translation of any text into Bosnian or Finnish, and various other language combinations. Whatever the desired language, our experts will have the linguistic capacity to accurately convey the original message towards a target audience.

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The translation of a document can be a complicated process that involves an understanding of the target language, as well as, the adherence to requirements that are expected by industry professionals. Linguation Online Translation Agency has the experienced specialists who are qualified to perform translations in the field of medicine, legal, technical, and many more specialized areas. An expert with the knowledge of your designated field will identify the key concepts and terminology, that are crucial in conveying the same message as the original text. They will check that the overall statements made in the translation is an accurate adaption in the target language. Furthermore, our experts will ensure that the document adheres to the requirements set by the industry or country-specific jurisdiction. Linguation experts will take every measure to ensure that the translation is fit for your purpose and that it is successful in its endeavour.

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Linguation Online Translation Agency values the differing nature of every document. All documents will be assessed for its difficulty and length, the requirements of the industry, and the desired target language. Upon every request, our intuitive price calculator found on our online uploading platform will provide an individualized price for your document. The expert assigned to facilitate the process of your translation will ensure the protection of your personal information. Furthermore, they will apply Linguation’s final two-step quality assurance system to check that the translation is accurate, and maintains the original meaning of the source document. You can always rely on Linguation to deliver a translation that is fit for its intended purpose, by adhering to the requirements of your target audience or industry.

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