When your business caters to an international market, you need to break down the language barrier to be relevant, competitive, and profitable. In this age where small businesses and even individual sellers can quickly enter the foreign market, ensuring that your documents are translated accurately is crucial.

Sure, there are tons of online translation websites that can convert phrases, sentences, and even an entire article from one language to another without a fee, especially as machine translation is becoming more accurate. So why does your business need to invest in a translation service platform when there is a slew of free online translation software tools?

Such an argument has a valid point. Yet the following benefits of a professional translation solution will prove why it is considered to be among today’s good small business solutions.

Do you certified translation of your documents?


1. Prevent Embarrassing Translation Errors

While online translation tools can convert from one language to another without any hitch most of the time, there are instances where these tools proved inadequate to fully translate the gist of the text.

Text correction tools may have produced some good online translation sites. However, their results can be quite confusing especially when words with multiple meanings are used.

Such scenarios can be embarrassing. Worse, they end up confusing readers, who then take their business elsewhere. Poor translation not only gives your business a bad name, but you also miss potentially huge opportunities. By not creating authentic connections with your audience, the opportunities that should have been yours will be capitalized by your competition instead.

Such was the case of the Spanish city of Santander’s tourism website. Administrators used Google Translate to convert the site’s content from Spanish to other languages. This resulted in a huge translation mishap that confounded readers as Google Translate failed to choose the right word based on context. While the said online tool has been lauded as one of the best in its class, it still has some flaws.

Hence, outsourcing the translation task to professionals for a certified translation is a worthy investment.

2. Translate With Culture and Context

According to a 2019 study on customer satisfaction, 51% of customers switched businesses due to poor customer experiences. On top of that, 81% of consumers felt that companies could have done something to prevent the switch.

Culture and context both play a huge role in translation. When both elements are missing in any translation effort, you’ll end up shooing away international customers. And when that happens, the majority of them are most likely not coming back.

For instance, the “Got Milk?” ad by the American Dairy Association back in the 90s is definitely one of the most recognized and celebrated campaigns in the history of marketing. It was doing well in the United States but failed miserably in Spanish-speaking countries. It turned out that the literal Spanish translation of the statement in question was very unappealing: “Are You Lactating?”

Translating website content, marketing text, and other business in the strictest literal sense can end in disaster for your enterprise. Professional translation services are available to remedy this challenge.

3. Bring Down the Linguistic and Cultural Barrier in a Global Workforce

Communication is key to any business endeavor, which is why it is important that workers should be on the same page with each other.

A team that interacts and collaborates effectively can do wonders for any organization. Higher efficiency, better productivity, and improved profitability are just some of the benefits that a business can enjoy when communication in the workplace is unhindered and crystal clear.

But what happens when your business employs a global workforce that includes on-site expats and remote teams from the other side of the world? There is no denying that cultural and linguistic differences can cause confusion and tension at the workplace, which then translates to poor performance, a significant drop in morale, and unimpressive output.

A 2019 article on workplace productivity cited the Society for Human Resource Management, saying miscommunication in the workplace can cost a large business organization $62.4 million every year. Not only that, poor communication can result in lower employee retention.

With that, you should outsource translation of your business documents to document translation services with experts who are knowledgeable with the subject matter.

Among the tools a business needs is a content management system to automate the processes involved from preparing to publishing content. With such a solution, you don’t have to hire a programmer to build source code from scratch, which cuts down costs significantly. For the top options available, check out this best content management software list from CompareCamp.

Getting Online Translation Services

Using online tools to translate your documents automatically is free and convenient. However, they are not always accurate. This can lead to errors in context and grammar, among others. With that, it’s crucial to get professional hiring translators to do the work. Fortunately, it’s not hard to do so.

To look for the best online translation service, you have to make sure of fast deliverability, professional translators, and reasonable prices.

With today’s technology, you can easily go to translation services online such as Linguation. All you have to do is upload your document. The vendor’s system then calculates the fee and delivery date of your document. Once everything’s settled, the platform will take over in finding the right translator. And with professionals in marketing, medical, academic, legal and technical scopes, you can rest assured that the translation will be precise right from the know-hows to the jargons.

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