In today’s expanding economy, business owners must have the ability to take advantage of the wealth of resources available to them. Oftentimes, this is key in continuing to promote and establish themselves on a broader scale. In recent times, there is a growing trend of employing talented freelancers to fulfill tasks and assignments during busy seasons. Freelancers can play a vital role in assisting a business during times when they require additional help. Unlike a salaried worker, they have greater flexibility with their work time, and are contracted under affordable rates. Although there is a large network of freelancers available in the market, finding a talented individual that is well-suited for the tasks required can be a challenge. Businesses much be able to distinguish talented freelancers amongst the inexperienced in a vast pool of potential candidates.

Searching for the right freelancer

It is evident that there is an abundance of freelancers with varying degrees of experience and talent. However, finding a suitable candidate that is fit for the position required for the business can be a challenge. Employers are tasked with distinguishing a suitable freelancer from an inexperienced, less-suitable talent. For this purpose, several job boards and dedicated social media platforms have catered the search process to find the ideal freelancer for every business. One such online platform is LinkedIn, where dedicated communities exist to connect an employer with a specific freelancer. The community will determine whether a candidate has the right set of skills, and experience to fulfill the requirements of a specific job position. This will ensure that business owners are assured the right freelancer above an inexperienced one. As an added benefit, employers utilizing online platforms can refrain from exerting their time and effort in the search for the right candidate.

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Conducting the interview process

The process of hiring a potential freelancer is quite similar to that involved in carrying out a regular interview. However, differences will arise depending on the type of method utilized to hire a candidate whether it be an in-person or remote hiring process. An in-person process usually entails having a physical meeting with an individual and examining their profile. After a series of questions, an employer will be able to determine if the candidate has the right qualifications for the role. Consequently, an in-person process can be strenuous and quite time-consuming. Especially when considering that a freelancer is usually contracted for a short period of time. With consideration to such cases, a remote hiring process is far more advantageous for a business. An online platform will carry out the screening process and find a suitable candidate to fill the required position. This process will allow businesses and employers to select the qualified individual without the hassle of conducting an interview.

Negotiating the terms of the agreement

After the ideal freelancer has been selected, the business or employer will be responsible for drawing up a contract detailing the agreed terms and conditions for a specified amount of time. This crucial step will determine the future success of the relationship between a business and the freelancer. The contract will clearly state the duration, compensation for the work, method of payment, and outline the responsibilities of the freelancer. A contract will hold the involved parties accountable of their requirements and expectations. It will further eliminate any uncertainties, and can be used as a form of evidence for both parties.

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