With the rise in popularity of document translations, there is an abundance of translation services aimed at catering to clients from all types of industries ranging from the legal to the medical fields. Specialized services such as certified translations or interpretations will add another layer of complexity as they belong to a highly specific area of translations. Due to the diverse nature of these services, the cost and price of each service can vary greatly depending on the provider and even from country to country. So, when it comes to how a certified translation service is calculated, individuals must be aware of the factors that will impact the overall costs of a translation.

What factors differentiate a certified translation from a regular translation?

As discussed previously, a certified translation is a service that attests to the true and accurate adaptation of the source text into the desired target language. The manner in which a certified translation is performed will be dependent on the country in which the service is completed. Oftentimes, either a legally-sworn translator will be asked to execute the service, or an expert translator will be required to provide a statement that declares the service to be a valid and true reflection of the source document. An average translation will not satisfy these means and can be characterized as a service that will adapt any given text or document from one language into another.

How is the average certified translation calculated?

The calculation of each and every service will vary depending on the translator, and oftentimes, the country in which the translation is conducted. However, there are some major factors that will remain consistent when calculating a suitable price for a client’s translation service. Before we take a look at how the costs of a certified translation is calculated, we need to have a basic understanding of how an average translation is priced. Most language service providers will take one of three common approaches to pricing their translation services: translations charged per-word, translations charged per-page, or translations charged on an hourly basis. A certified translation will take one of these methods and add an additional charge for the services of a certified translator. Generally, a certified translation will incur higher costs, as the services of a sworn translator must be enlisted, or the translator will be required to complete a declaration for the service.

Do you certified translation of your documents?


Searching for the right translation service provider

There are several means of attaining the services of a professional translator: most commonly through a well-known agency, or a reputable independent-translator. Each approach will have their advantages, as well as, disadvantages into how a certified translation will be conducted. Larger companies will offer competitive prices for the certified translation of a client’s document, but invest little time into tailoring the service for the client’s needs. Whereas, an independent translator will invest their time and efforts into producing a complete certified translation that fulfills all the client’s needs. However, they will be entitled to charge services based on their own rates. It is important to take these factors into consideration before enlisting the services of a professional to handle your certified translation service.

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