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As individuals continue to commit to the idea of travelling or moving abroad, they must be prepared to bring the necessary documents to support their endeavours in a foreign country. Most government officials will require a certified translation of one’s documents into the local language. As such, it is no surprise that there has been a growing trend of certified translation services being offered by numerous service providers. With competitive prices being offered by both renowned translation companies and independent translators, what is the cheapest way to get a certified translation of one’s documents? Prospective clients must be prepared to find an appropriate professional in order to attain the best price for the adaptation of their documents.

Differences between a regular translation and a certified translation service

Before we discuss the topic of attaining a cheap certified translation service for one’s documents, individuals must be aware of the key difference between a certified translation and a regular translation service. Generally, a certified translation can be defined as a process in which the experienced translator must provide a stamp, signature or statement, to attest to the true and accurate translation of the document. Unlike a regular translation, certified translation service can vary greatly between country to country. Translators operating outside of the US and Canada, must meet the qualifications and hold the correct certification to be considered eligible to perform a certified translation service for a client. In comparison, regular translation services can be performed by any professional linguist. These professionals are not bound to any strict requirements that will enable them to perform a translation service.

How to get a cheap certified translation of your documents

There are several ways of attaining an inexpensive certified translation of one’s documents. However, prospective clients must be willing to perform an extensive search to employ the right professional translator, and receive a fair evaluation of costs for the certified translation of their documents. Oftentimes, costs for any type of translation service can vary between translators, and even between renowned translation companies. They may also differ in how the cost of a translation service is calculated; some opting to price clients: per-word, per-page, hourly services, or for each translation project. For this reason, individuals must communicate and negotiate with their translators to agree on a price that fairly reflect the needs of the text or document. Additionally, some professional translators can offer discounted prices for clients that require more than a single document to process.

Can a cheap certified translation be trusted?

As the saying goes: you get what you pay for. Normally, there is no ‘cheap’ way of getting a certified translation of one’s foreign documents. But those that are able to receive a low-cost for their translation service should always remain weary on the level of quality and accuracy applied to the document. Individuals must be aware of cheap services, as they can often be poorly translated and result in the loss of time and higher costs for a re-translation service. Reputable translators and translation service providers will always dedicate their time and efforts to produce a final translation that fulfills the requirements of the client’s document. As such, the calculation of such translations must reflect the level of service applied by the translator.

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