Companies and individuals operating their business online, such as through a website platform, are often visited by a wide range of users from all countries and linguistic backgrounds. The popularity of this online method has opened up the possibility of attracting new clients, and the opportunity to explore an otherwise untouched market. Websites that choose to offer a diverse range of language options are better equipped to expand their business to a larger population of clients from around the world. Today, English continues to be a standard language offered by most website platforms. But, just how exactly is a website translation service performed?

The benefits of adapting a website into English

With the abundance of international languages that exist in our world, why has English established itself as the most common language offering in various social instances? This is simply due to the fact that the English language has been designated, and is widely considered, a global language spoken by the majority of the world’s population. The language has become a common or overlapping language shared by most individuals of differing linguistic backgrounds. With this in mind, it is no surprise that most online platforms choose to offer an English language option to cater to the majority of their users. Furthermore, enlisting the services of an English translator is far easier than searching for a professional who can precisely adapt a text into a complex language such as Hungarian.

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How do website translations differ from regular translation services?

In the field of translations, a website translation service can commonly be referred to as the process of localization, or website localization. However, unlike a regular translation service, a localization entails adapting a website to the language and culture of the target audience. Localization services often require the services of a professional with not only a linguistic understanding of the target language, but also the knowledge of the culture behind the spoken language. Having an all-rounded knowledge is crucial, as different cultures have different ways of perceiving and receiving specific forms of humor, and oftentimes have completely different ways of expressing oneself.

So how are website localization services performed?

As mentioned previously, a localization service involves much more than translating a text into another language. So, when translators are tasked with adapting a whole website into English, they must be aware of the complications that can arise during a localization service. Oftentimes, they must work with the company or individual to identify specific terminology and expressions that cannot be translated directly into English. This is important as most web texts are written specifically to promote a company or individual’s brand, as well as, to appeal to users in their target market. Website translators must find an equivalent way to express the brand’s ideas without diminishing the effects of their message, whilst maintaining the same impact in English, as it would in the source language. This monumental task requires a professional with a full grasp of the English language, as well as, an awareness of the English-speaking culture.

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