Documents used for the purposes of international affairs have a strict set of rules and requirements that must be adhered to. Individuals planning to submit their document towards official procedures will need an Apostille for all their documents. It is important to understand that different countries will have additional requirements that will attest to the authenticity of the claims or information being made in the text. But what exactly is an Apostille, and why is it a necessary component for the translation of official documents? We will reiterate the importance of an Apostille and how it can be obtained by many individuals.

Why are Apostilles a necessary component to official documents?

Individuals planning to emigrate into a foreign country are usually unfamiliar with the strenuous requirements expected by foreign nationals. Any document used towards international matters will often contain material that must be authenticated in order to be processed for international procedures. An Apostille is one such requirement that will render the document acceptable for use in various foreign settings. An Apostille can be described as a seal or stamp, that will attest to the authenticity of the contents of a document. This notarial certification will support the legitimacy of the claims being made about the individual. However, it is important to understand that not every type of document will require an Apostille. In most instances, legal documents such as one’s birth or marriage certificate will require an Apostille.

How exactly does one obtain an Apostille?

Attaining an Apostille can be a rather long and complicated process. However, with the support from the authorities responsible for the issuance of official seals and stamps, one can easily obtain an Apostille for their documentation. It is important to note that an application for an Apostille can only be made by the document holder. From this point forward, the country in which the document was issued will be responsible for allocating the authorities responsible for issuing the Apostille. The time required for obtaining an Apostille will be dependent on where the individual is applying for the Apostille. Generally, those applying for an Apostille outside of the document’s country will typically wait 2-3 months to receive their document with the required seal or stamp. The fees associated with issuing the Apostille will also be dependent on the authorizing country; with some charging between 20-30 dollars per document.

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Who is authorized to perform the translation of Apostille documents?

Now that the individual has prepared the necessary documents and the accompanying Apostilles, they must be prepared to have their documents translated into the language of the immigrating country. But who is authorized to deliver the translation of official documents? As a general rule, individuals planning to use documents towards the purposes of fulfilling legal or official matters must have a certified translation of their documents. A certified translator will have the qualifications and the necessary experience to render an accurate translation of one’s documents. They will provide a written statement or a stamp to certify that the translation is a true and accurate reflection of the source document.

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