The rich history of Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb

The capital and largest city of Croatia is known as Zagreb. The city’s long history dates back to the Roman Times, where remnants of an old Roman settlement can still be found in the close vicinity to the capital. Zagreb is the seat of Croatia’s central government and is often regarded as the nation’s leading economic power. It is most notable for its high quality of life and for hosting several large sporting and entertainment events. A large concentration of industries, research, and media institutions have their headquarters located in the city. The centralized location of Zagreb has made it the ideal transportation hub for connecting the Central, the Mediterranean, and Southeastern part of Europe. Today, several railways and road networks can be found connecting Zagreb to an extensive range of European countries.

Zagreb Translation Agency offers an extensive range of languages and dedicated service areas for the translation of complex documents.

Evoke the desired message to audiences across multiple language combinations

Every document belongs to a specific industry with its own set of translation requirements. Zagreb Translation Agency will provide translation solutions for documents of varying complexities. Depending on the industry to which a document belongs to, an expert with the relevant experience of that industry will help facilitate the translation process. They will utilize their knowledge of the field to ensure that the document adheres to the correct set of requirements and that all terminology is accurately translated into the language of the target audience. These measures will guarantee that the translation is suitable for use within its respective field. The expert will make certain that the final translation places great emphasis on important concepts that are consistent with the source document. The agency’s large network of linguistic specialists can precisely adapt a translation into any number of language variations. They will rely on the specific use of grammar and conventions in writing that are commonly used in the target language to communicate the desired message towards the audience. The specialist will ensure that the translation maintains the same impact as the source text.

Commitment to protecting and maintaining the confidential nature of personal information

In many cases, documents contain information on an individual that is both personal or sensitive in nature. It is important that such data is kept secure and private throughout any translation service. Zagreb Translation Agency will only disclose a client’s personal document to the expert responsible for the translation process. This measure will guarantee limited access to the information stated on a document, and maintain the fully anonymity of the client. The agency’s two-step quality assurance system will always maintain their strict adherence to high standards. Even throughout the agency’s two-step quality assurance system, every precaution will be taken to protect the information stated on a translation. The process is intended to correct mistakes and verify that the document adheres to the correct requirements of its industry. Above all else, it will ensure that the translation is an accurate depiction of the source text. Clients can be reassured that Zagreb Translation Agency will always have their interest at heart and maintain their privacy throughout the duration of the translation.

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