The influence of multiple languages on the development of the Vietnamese language

One of the most unique languages recognized in the modern world is Vietnamese. Established as the official language of Vietnam, there are over 93.8 million native speakers worldwide. The language stems from the influence of various languages that were present throughout its history. Perhaps one of the most prominent moments was the presence of the English and Russian languages during the Vietnam War. However, the language was vastly impacted from the influences of the Chinese language during its rule in the north, and the French colonization of Vietnam. The vast majority of Vietnamese scriptures and vocabulary remain largely based on Chinese characters. While Vietnamese is a tonal language similar to that of Chinese, it still utilizes the Latin-based alphabetical system. As a result of emigration, Vietnamese has dispersed itself across Southeast Asia, North America, Australia, and Europe. Today, it is a recognized minority language in ten countries worldwide. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, our extensive network of languages and native speakers are available to assist in the translation of your specialized documents. With a mastery of linguistics and the specific writing conventions unique to every language, our experts will successfully translate every document as accurately as possible.

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Understanding the linguistics of a target language is one aspect required for the translation of specialized documents. A professional translator must have the necessary knowledge of the requirements that are specific for the fields of medicine, legal, technical, and other specialized disciplines. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, an expert with the relevant knowledge of your industry will be assigned to perform the translation of your document. Our experts have an understanding of industry-specific terminology that are crucial in conveying the correct message towards a target audience. They will ensure that the translation adheres to the specific requirements of the industry so that it is fit for its intended purpose. Linguation experts will tailor every document to suit the requirements of the industry, and ensure the successful outcome of your translation.

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Linguation Online Translation Agency is dedicated to providing an exceptional level of service for the translation of specialized documents. Every translation will undergo our strenuous two-step quality assurance system from the experts for your respective field. They will ensure that all mistakes and ambiguous statements are corrected to convey the same message as the source document. The system will assess to make certain that the document adheres to the requirements of the industry to ensure that it can be utilized for its intended purpose. At Linguation, we will cater to your individual needs and offer a quote that is reflective of the services you require. You can simply upload your document online and receive a personalized quote. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you have regarding your request. With every translation, the confidential nature of your personal information will always be kept secure. You can always entrust in the professional staff at Linguation to perform every translation precisely and deliver it on time.

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