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As translations are becoming more prominent for various business and personal ventures, several translation agencies are competing to offer the best services and rates for their diverse clientele. Competing agencies will often provide a generalized rate for most translation services. However, Linguation Online Translation Agency offers rates that reflect the individual needs of every document with an emphasis on its respective industry. We understand that each document possesses its own unique attributes and that it is important to take them into consideration before offering a rate that reflects its individual needs. For these reasons, we will allocate an appropriate expert to provide a personalized assessment of the client’s document before the start of any service. Linguation is dedicated to supporting our clients with comprehensive translations that are tailored to the unique characteristics of every document.

Exclusive network of professional translators from all industrial backgrounds

Most documents are utilized towards a particular industry to fulfill a specific purpose. Whether it is an academic article for the purpose of imparting knowledge with peers from around the world, or supporting an individual’s personal endeavours associated with travel or permanent residency, each document serves a specific purpose in its respective industry. Linguation Online Translation Agency is aware of these factors and will assign an expert in the document’s industry to perform the assessment process. An industry professional is aware of the unique specifications of documents belonging to their industry, and will utilize their knowledge of the field to provide a summary of requirements expected by the recipient of the text. Our experts will evaluate the document for its overall length, the industry to which it will be used towards, the requirements asked by the industry, and the desired language combination required for the translation service. After completing this process, they will offer the client a rate or cost that is tailored to the specifications of their document.

Separate translation rates applicable for each language pair

Translation rates will be dependent on the number of words, lines or pages found in the source document, as well as, the language pair required for the translation, and the type of content that requires adaptation. Linguation Online Translation Agency is committed to offering fair rates for our clients. Typically, every word in a document will have a cost that is associated with the type of language required for the translation. Popular languages such as English or Spanish will have a lower cost per word, whereas less common languages such as Thai or Arabic will have a higher associated cost per word. It is important to understand that the type of service required for the translation, whether it is a standard, professional, or certified service will affect the overall cost of every translation. Unlike a simple document translation, a complex technical document will require the assistance from an industry professional to perform the translation service.

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