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Translation pricing adjusted to the unique specification of each document

Translations are an integral part of communicating information with individuals of differing linguistic backgrounds. With the rise in prominence of numerous translation service providers, the competition to offer the best service to price ratio is fierce. Unlike other competitive agencies, Linguation Online Translation Agency has built a reputation in offering various translation services that reflect the individual nature of every document. We have an understanding that each document is utilized for a specific purpose in its respective industry. For this reason, translation pricing will be suited to reflect the unique characteristics of every document. Our experts will execute a separate assessment of each document, and evaluate it for key factors that will impact the final pricing of the translation service.

Comprehensive assessment of documents performed by industry professionals

It is imperative that clients receive a fair translation price and service that is suited to the specifications of their document. Linguation Online Translation Agency will task an expert from our network of professionals to perform an individualized assessment of every document. Our experts will work to identify the elements unique to the document such as, the overall length of the text, the number of words found per page, the implementation of proper industry requirements, and the language pair required for the translation service. These elements will breakdown the essential characteristics that will impact the overall pricing of every translation. Oftentimes, the type of content that requires a translation will also affect the final costs for any service. Standard content found in a letter is less complex and does not require the assistance of an industry professional to conduct the translation service. However, technical content or documents that require a certified translation can contain the use of industry-specific language that can be rather difficult to decipher. For these reasons, Linguation will always conduct a preliminary evaluation of every document to offer clients a fair assessment of costs associated with the type of service they will require for their document.

Extensive range of language options to satisfy all translation requirements

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, an endless amount of language options is available to support clients with all their translation needs. In many instances, the type of content and language pair required for a translation will determine how the service will be priced. Common language groups such as English or Spanish are relatively easy to conduct and will have a lower associated cost per word. However, complex language groups such as Thai or Arabic, will require an expert translator who have attained a level of understanding to that of a native speaker. As a result, these language groups will have a much higher associated cost per word. Clients can be reassured that Linguation will only offer a fair evaluation of costs for every translation service, and that an extensive network of both major and minor language professionals are available to support the client.

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