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It is evident that translations are required throughout various industries in fulfilling a diverse range of purposes. For this reason, services and fees must reflect the individual nature of every document. Several competing service providers will often negate this factor and offer fees that are generalized for a specific field. However, Linguation Online Translation Agency recognizes the individualistic nature of each document and that it serves its own unique purpose even within its prescribed industry. Our services and fees will always be adjusted to meet the needs of the client and their document. We take several different elements that comprise the document into account, and provide a fair assessment of costs and fees associated with the translation service. Linguation will always provide a comprehensive assessment of costs, and tailor every service to the unique specification of every document.

Full range of services and industry professionals applicable for all disciplines

Whether a document is used to support one’s business venture or to corroborate one’s personal history, every document will serve a specific function towards a particular industry. It is imperative that translation fees and services are reflected to suit the unique characteristics of every type of document. Linguation Online Translation Agency offers several branches of industries and industry experts, who will be responsible for performing an assessment of fees and services for the client’s document. The aim of the process is intended to identify the document’s unique characteristics which includes: its overall length, the industry to which the translation will be used towards, the specific industry requirements, and the required language pair for the service. Our experts will provide a fair assessment of costs and duration of service, that accurately represents the expected time and dedication required to produce a professional translation.

Diverse range of languages to fulfill all translation requirements

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, experts with the knowledge of both minor and major languages are always available to support clients of all linguistic backgrounds. The type of language pair required for a translation will affect the final fees associated with the service. Unlike minor languages such as Thai or Arabic, major languages like English or Spanish are readily available and will often have a lower associated cost per word for a translation service. Minor languages are seldom used and therefore require the services of an expert who has attained a native-level of proficiency in the desired language. No matter how complex a language pair may be, Linguation will allocate the appropriate experts to produce a final translation that is suitable for clients of all industrial backgrounds.

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