The rapid transformation of Singapore’s economy since its establishment

Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is officially known as the Republic of Singapore and is widely recognized as an island sovereign state. The nation was founded by Sir Stamford Raffles as a trading post for the British Empire in 1819. Since that time, the nation has undergone rapid industrialization and is now considered one of the Four Asian Tigers; known for their strong economic influence throughout Asia. There are four official languages used in the country: English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. For these reasons, the concept of multiracialism is enshrined in Singapore’s constitution and continues to shape the nation’s policies. Today, Singapore has become a major financial and shipping hub, and is consistently ranked as the most expensive city to live in every year.

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The translation of documents can vary throughout many industries. This often implies hiring the services of a professional translator with an understanding of the content stated in a document, as well as, the knowledge of the requirements set by every industry. Singapore Translation Agency offers an extensive network of professional translators from every discipline. Only the expert with the appropriate experience in the document’s field will be assigned to perform the translation. The expert will assess the source document and identify key ideas and important terminology that are crucial to conveying an accurate message to the target audience. They will adapt the information by adhering to the correct requirements of its industry and ensure that the translation is rendered useful in its respective field. The agency’s impressive list of language options and native speakers will guarantee that the document is accurately translated into the language of the target audience. The expert will utilize grammatical structures and conventions in writing that are unique to every language, to transfer the desired message from the source language into the target language.

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At Singapore Translation Agency, services reflect the individual needs of every client and their document. The agency understands that no two documents are alike, and so every price and service will be determined based on the length of the document, the level of difficulty, the requirements of the industry, and the desired language combination. To ensure that every translation exceeds the expectations of every client, a mandatory two-step quality assurance system is implemented for every translation service. The process is intended to correct any mistranslation in the text, and ensure that the document adheres to the correct requirements of its industry. Throughout the entire translation process, any personal or sensitive information regarding the client will always be kept private and confidential. Singapore Translation Agency will always delivery professional translations that are suited to the needs of every client.

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