The advancement of Seoul into one of the world’s leading global economies

The history of Seoul dates back to over two-thousand years, where the Baekje people formally founded the city in 18 BC. However, it was under the rule of the Joseon dynasty that the city was designated as the capital of Korea. Since that time, Seoul has been constantly progressing and transforming itself into one of the world’s fourth largest metropolitan economy. Today, the capital is thriving and is widely recognized for a number of notable monuments and musical influences. The Seoul Capital Area is currently home to 15 Fortune Global 500 companies, which include the headquarters of Samsung, LG, and Hyundai to name a few. The city also boasts some major historical attractions that have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Changdeok Palace, Hwaseong Fortress, and the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty. As the birthplace of K-Pop and the site of major modern architectural feats, Seoul has remained a popular travel destination to over 10 million tourists every year.

Along with an extensive list of language options, Seoul Translation Agency offers dedicated services for the translation of industry-specific documents.

Availability of numerous language combinations for the translation of documents from every industry

Seoul has been the forefront for conducting business affairs with individuals from around the world. Seoul Translation Agency is dedicated to providing clients with the best translation solution that is tailored to meet the requirements of every specific industry. Whether it be marketing texts or technical manuals that require an adaptation, the agency will designate a specialist belonging to the particular industry to facilitate the translation process. The expert will apply their understanding of the industry by identifying key terminologies and concepts that are often crucial in having the same impact in the target language. They will always ensure that the translation abides by the strict set of requirements set by the respective industry. This will certify that the document is approved and rendered useful in its intended purpose. As an added benefit, all of our experts are well versed in a number of different languages. They will ensure that the correct usage of grammatical structure and conventions in writing are applied, to convey a meaningful message that is an accurate representation of the source text.

Quality translations that are always delivered to the promised date

The main concern at Seoul Translation Agency is the delivery of fast and reliable translation of documents for all individuals and companies. To ensure a consistent level of translations, all documents are required to undergo a strict two-step quality assurance system that will certify that the final text is a professional adaption of the source document. The process will correct any mistranslations, and verify that the translation adheres to the correct industry requirements. Furthermore, this final editing process will always ensure that the same message from the source document is always maintained throughout the entire translation process. The experts at Seoul Translation Agency will always find the appropriate solution that addresses the concerns of the client, and deliver a quality product that is successful in all of its endeavours.

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