The city of Saint-Petersburg is recognized as the cultural center of Russia

Saint-Petersburg, also known as Petrograd, is the second largest city of Russia and is often regarded as the cultural capital of Russia. With roughly 5.4 million inhabitants, the city receives over 15 million international tourists annually. Saint-Petersburg is situated on the Baltic Sea and plays an important role as the main port of Russia. It is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as serving as the main headquarters to the Russian Army and the Russian Armed Forces. The city is the center for many government offices and political bodies inducing the Constitutional Court of Russia, the Heraldic Council of the President of the Russian Federation, and many foreign consulates. Saint-Petersburg is home to the Hermitage, which is widely recognized the largest art museum in the world.

Saint-Petersburg Translation Agency is an extension of Linguation based in Russia. They specialize in the translation of documents, and offer an extensive range of languages to support the needs of every client.

Availability of languages that span from Russian to English, and many more

Saint-Petersburg Translation Agency focuses on giving clients access to various language options, and services that are tailored to meet industry requirements. All of our experts have the necessary experience and knowledge of the target language to ensure the correct adaption of the source material. They will utilize writing conventions that are unique to the language to emphasize key aspects of the document that requires focus from the target audience. The specialists at Saint-Petersburg Translation Agency have the expertise of their respective industry, and can specialize document translations in medicine, legal, technical, and various other disciplines. Depending on which field your document belongs to, the expert with the knowledge of the relevant industry will be responsible for your translation. They will assess the document for important concepts and terminology and utilize them to evoke the same response from the target audience, as it would from the original content.

Services that are optimized to assist every client with their requirements

Every client at Saint-Petersburg Translation Agency can expect a personalized level of service for the translation of their documents. Upon the order request process, clients will receive a price that is reflective of the length of the document, the difficulty of the text, the requirements of its industry, and the preferred language combination. These factors will ensure the fair calculation of prices that are adjusted to meet the needs of every document type. Furthermore, Saint-Petersburg Translation Agency adheres to the same two-step quality assurance system as Linguation. This process will check that the final copy of the translation is free of errors and that all ambiguous statements have been corrected. Most importantly, the specialist responsible for your translation with check that your document is an accurate representation of the source document. They will ensure that the translation adheres to the requirements on the industry to render it useful for its intended purpose.

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