The historical importance of Rome, Italy

The early history of the Roman Empire and Roman mythology has continued to captivate audiences from around the world. Rome is the capital city of Italy which is regarded as the most visited city destination in Europe, with approximately 10 million international tourists every year. The city has been commonly described as the capital of two states. This refers to the existence of an independent country, Vatican City, inside the boundaries of Rome. This unique element, coupled with its renowned recognition of famous painters, artists, sculptors, and fashion brands have established Rome as the center of art and culture. Most notably, Rome is known as the birthplace of Baroque and Neoclassicism, and is considered one of the first major sites of the Renaissance. Today, various historical sites and landmarks in Rome have been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

As a subsidiary of Linguation Online Translation Agency, Rome Translation Agency offers an extensive list of language options for the translation of specialized documents.

Translation services from Italian to English and various other language combinations

Linguation’s branch based in Rome offers an extensive range of language combinations for the translation of industry-related documents. An expert with the mastery of the target language will ensure the correct translation of the desired message towards a target audience. They will utilize the specific writing conventions that will emphasize the message or meaning you are trying to convey. Furthermore, Rome Translation Agency will allocate a specialist in the field of medicine, legal, technical, and various others to ensure the adherence to the correct requirements of the respective industry. They will assess the document for key words and ideas that will be important in delivering the same message as the source content. Most importantly, they will abide by the requirements of the industry to ensure that the translation is approved and rendered useful for its intended purpose.

Personalized services tailored to meet the requirements of every document type

At Rome Translation Agency, all documents are evaluated separately to ensure the correct price and service to meet its individual needs. We understand that no two documents are alike, and so, all calculations will be based on several key factors: Length of the text, the level of difficulty, the specific industry to which the document belongs to, and the language combination required for the translation. This process will ensure that every client receives a price that is fairly adjusted to meet their specific requirements. As an added benefit, Rome Translation Agency offers the same professional standards through Linguation’s two-step quality assurance system. This final editing process will check to ensure that the translation is free of mistakes and that it always maintains the same message as the source material. Rome Translation Agency will deliver all documents in a timely matter without ever compromising the quality of the translation.

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