The translation of academic texts used in the field of psychology

In the field of psychology, various types of documents such as articles, tests, and questionnaires will be used by individuals throughout the course of their studies. A psychological text often contains information that will be used to gather data from research participants, or to support a researcher’s findings in an academic paper. The greatest difference from a psychological text and any other academic text is the type of language used in the field. Oftentimes, terminology and concepts used throughout the document will be specific to the area of study. Linguation Online Translation Agency offers various course specific services in the area of academic translations. We are aware of the complexities involved in translating the contents of a psychological text, and will work to produce a solution that is suited to the requirements of the text.

Overcome the challenges associated with psychology translations with the help from industry experts

Academic documents and texts used in the field of psychology is a specialized area that requires the expertise of a professional with the knowledge of the field. Linguation Online Translation Agency will delegate a professional with a background in psychology to conduct the translation service. Our experts are familiar with the academic language used in the field, and will utilize their knowledge of all industry requirements to ensure the successful outcome of every psychology translation. They will be responsible for adapting all industry specific terminology and concepts found in articles and questionnaires, to suit the overall context of the document in the final translation. Our experts will work to generate an accurate translation that maintains the same message or meaning as the source document into the language of the target audience. They will pay close attention to the specific regulations and requirements expected by industry professionals, to produce a translation that can be used to support the client in all their academic endeavours.

Translation services performed under strict security and quality assurance measures

Linguation Online Translation Agency is dedicated to performing every translation with diligence and full disclosure throughout the duration of any service. All our experts will adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement that will prevent the client’s information from being released to the public. As an added benefit, our experts will always apply Linguation’s two-step quality assurance system to finalize every translation service. The process will correct any errors remaining in the translation, revise all ambiguous statements that are inconsistent with the context of the source document, verify that the translation adheres to the correct requirements of its industry, and that it is an accurate depiction of the source material. Our experts will only deliver translations that are successful in conveying the desired message to the client’s target audience.

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