The rich history of Prague

As the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is home to 2.7 million inhabitants and serves as the nation’s historical, cultural and economic center. Most notably, Prague was once the historic capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia and the main residence of several Holy Roman Emperors. Several of the city’s monuments and attractions had survived the devastations of 20th century Europe, and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, Prague receives over 8.5 million international visitors from around the world who anxiously await to visit some of the city’s cultural attractions including, the Prague Castle and Prague astronomical clock to name a few.

As a division of Linguation, Prague Translation Agency is dedicated to providing a multitude of languages for the translation of documents to be used in foreign markets.

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At Prague Translation Agency, an extensive range of languages and several dedicated services for various industries are available for the translation of documents. The experts have the necessary industry experience and are fully capable of imparting their knowledge of the requirements expected by industry professionals. They will place emphasis on key terminology and concepts that are often crucial in conveying an accurate message towards the target audience. Most importantly, Prague Translation Agency houses a large network of linguistic specialists with the proficiency of various language combinations. No matter how difficult a language may be, our experts will utilize various writing conventions to precisely transcribe the information stated in the source document into the language of the target audience.

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At Prague Translation Agency, every measure will be taken to ensure a translation that is rendered useful in its intended purpose. Our two-step quality assurance system is a final measure that will check to make certain that the translation is free of errors, and that it adheres to the correct requirements of its industry. Above all else, the experts responsible for the client’s translation will always ensure that it maintains the same message or meaning as the original text. In an attempt to further support their clients, Prague Translation Agency offers individualized prices and services tailored for every document. The calculation of all requests will be based on the length of the text, the difficult nature of the document, the requirements of the industry, and the required language combination. These factors will ensure that clients receive a price that reflects the type of service the document will require.

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