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Expert translation of PO files to help support your website content

The translation of PO files is a complicated matter that requires a professional with the knowledge and experience in adapting its technical contents. A PO file is a portable object file that has been formatted as a text. They are commonly used for software development programs that include Java, GNU, and gettext. Typically, PO files will be saved in a legible format that can be viewed using a text editor, which will allow engineers and translators to access the contents of the files and make the appropriate changes to the file. Linguation Online Translation Agency experts have a full understanding of the complexities involved in PO file translations. Their network of professionals throughout numerous industries will always be available to support clients with all their translation needs.

Specialists with the knowledge and relevant experience in performing PO file translations

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, clients can expect to find an extensive network of professionals that span throughout every industry. We understand that each document, text, or file has its own unique set of requirements that have been predetermined by its respective industry. For these reasons, our agency will assign a suitable team of experts with the knowledge of software programming and technical jargon, to facilitate the translation of PO files. They will be responsible for identifying all key information stated in the text and adapting its technical contents into the desired target language. Our experts will work to effectively communicate the desired message to the audience using technical jargon commonly used within the field. Most importantly, they will ensure that the translation has been rendered fit for its purpose by adhering to the requirements of the field and its client.

Commitment to quality throughout all Linguation services

Delivering professional translations that will have a successful outcome is the number one priority at Linguation Online Translation Agency. We understand the individualistic nature of every document and will tailor our services to reflect the needs of our clients. This will ensure that every translation has been evaluated by the respective experts of its field, and is deemed ready to undergo Linguation’s final two-step quality assurance measure. The process has been designed to correct all mistranslations, verify that the translation adheres to the requirements of its industry, and that it is an accurate reflection of the source material. Our experts will work to convey the desired message to the target audience which will guarantee the overall success of the translation.

Guarantee of quality

  • Professional translators (Translation only by native speakers of the target language)
  • Two-stage quality control by trained personnel
  • Free editing service

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