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Translation is an art that takes way more effort than people are quick to assume. To be able to translate a document it's reader must be fully able to interpret it and fully grasp both the original and final language. Due to this translation is a craft that requires an immense amount of attention to detail. This is only magnified when the topic at hand is an important one, like an official petition. Any misinterpretation or confusion at the time of translation can completely change the meaning and intent. Translation is an important task, and here at Linguation we are ready to support you in every step of the way.

One of the keys to our success is the simplified nature of our translation process. With Linguation getting a petition professional translation is as simple as making a few clicks, and the whole process can be summed up in just 3 steps. The first step is the Upload Document phase, which is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is click on Instant Quote anywhere in our site to be redirected towards the upload page. From there just choose your desired document and upload it for us. You will be immediately get redirected to the second step, Price and Delivery. Where we will immediately give you an estimated delivery time and price for your new project. After accepting you'll reach the last step Start Translation, where our staff will take to translating your project and have it ready for you as soon as possible.

Quality certified translation staff

We take great length to guarantee the quality of our petition translation service for our clients, and we achieve thanks to our certified translation staff. When you start a project with us, we make sure to get a translator who is a native speaker of the language you need to translate your document into. This guarantees that the translated file will read naturally and organically in the desired language and will help avoid any confusion a non-native translator could fall into. Additionally, we also make sure to find translator who have the right background for the project you require. In the case of petitions our translators are required to have the necessary legal background to understand both the terminology and etiquette required for the document. Assuring you that the final document will be done to the highest possible levels of quality.

Great service at a reasonable price

We understand that in many ways, quality is just one half of the equation when choosing to hire a petition translation service. The cost of the translation is also an important consideration when choosing to hire us. And we want you to rest assured that we offer some of the most reasonable prices in the market. This is due to the fact that the subject matter of your translation won’t affect the final price. We make sure that any document regardless of the topic or level of specialization is handled under the same rates, guaranteeing you some of the best possible prices in the market. So, don’t think twice and let us help you with your next translation, and in just 3 simple steps you'll have a quality translation for all of your needs.

Guarantee of quality

  • Professional translators (Translation only by native speakers of the target language)
  • Two-stage quality control by trained personnel
  • Free editing service

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