Various types of files acceptable for translation services

Translations have become a necessary form of requirement for many aspects of daily life. Using online platforms has made it easier for individuals and businesses to employ the services of a professional translator at their own convenience. In many cases, they can simply upload their document and send their text to be evaluated by the expert translators. Linguation Online Translation Agency is one such service provider that is always available for clients 24/7. We offer an intuitive online platform, whereby clients can simply upload their document and receive an instant quote for their services. Our platform is compatible for a number of different users, and clients can upload their desired document in several different file options. We accept both Word and PDF files, as it has become a standardized file used to format and preserve electronic documents. At Linguation, we have made the translation process simple and efficient for our valued clients.

Translation of documents for all industries

Once a client has uploaded their PDF or Word file, the experts at Linguation Online Translation Agency will be responsible for evaluating the contents of the document. Whether it belongs to the financial, medical, or academic industry, we will direct the file to the appropriate industry professional. An expert with the relevant experience in handling similar subject matter and the requirements of the industry will be assigned to perform the translation process. They will work to adapt all specific terminology and concepts in a way that retains the same meaning as the source document. This will ensure that the recipient of the translation fully comprehends the message and intent of the document. All of the experts at Linguation will adhere to the necessary translation requirements of their field and relevant jurisdiction. We understand that this crucial step will determine whether or not a translation is acceptable for use within its field. Our experts will always work to produce translations that will successfully fulfill its intended purpose.

Linguistic professionals for any number of language combinations

Linguation Online Translation Agency is dedicated to supporting its clients through the availability of various language options. Clients can be reassured in knowing that we offer languages of both majority and minority speakers. Our linguistic experts will ensure that all translations are an accurate depiction of the source material, and that it conveys the desired message to the target audience. They will utilize the correct grammatical structures and conventions in writing commonly used by the locals in their native language to deliver an accurate translation of the original document. We will never compromise on the quality of our translations, and will always deliver it in a timely manner. To ensure that our clients can benefit from our services, we will deliver a finalized copy of the translation as both a hard copy and a PDF file for future use.

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