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Throughout various instances, individuals and businesses may find a need for a patent to protect their intellectual property. A patent will grant the holder the legal right to limit others from producing, utilizing, or selling their idea or creation for a limited period of time as prescribed on the document. During this period, the patent will enable the holder to enforce their rights in the event of a patent infringement, and sue the opposing party. Linguation Online Translation Agency is a dedicated platform that offers clients a variety of services that cater to the translation of industry-specific texts, document, and certificates. We are a reputable source when it comes to the professional translation of legal documents such as patents. The designated expert or team of experts responsible for the translation will work to adapt the client’s patent in a precise and professional manner.

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Patents are regulated by the law and often utilized to support individuals in legal matters that concern infringement issues. For various reasons beyond the legal discipline, a patent translation must be rendered useful towards the local jurisdiction or country to which the document will be submitted. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, experts with the knowledge of legal practices will be assigned to perform the translation of patents. Our experts are adept at handling the contents of a patent, and will utilize their knowledge of the field to generate an accurate translation for our clients. They will ensure that all key terminology and concepts found in the source document is accurately portrayed in the desired target language. Our experts will pay special attention to the rigorous set of requirements expected by the local authority, and produce a translation that can continue to support and protect the client’s intellectual property.

Regulated translation services that will maintain the privacy of the client

Texts or documents that contain personal information on an individual or their creative ideas must be kept secure throughout the duration of any translation service. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we are dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality of the client and their document. Our experts understand that documents can contain content that is sensitive in nature, and will implement every security measure possible to prevent revealing information from being leaked to outside sources. A strict confidentiality agreement will certify that only the team responsible for the translation service will have access to the client’s document. This measure will reassure that the client can get into direct contact with their managing team whenever a concern should arise, and review the status of their translation with every step.

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