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The national language of France is French. Most residents speak French, although German and Arabic are common as well. Visitors to Paris are most commonly British, American, Italian, Chinese, German, and Canadian, however people from all around the world visit France.

A large number of tourists, along with residents who speak multiple languages, can lead to confusion of translations. Be sure that if you are dealing with business or critical information that you contact Linguation online translation service to ensure that you are communicating exactly what you intend.

Translation Services: French to English and Many Other Languages

France has one of the most powerful global markets in the world and thrives on exports. Popular industries include tourism, energy, technology, and agriculture. If you are in France for business, there is a good chance you will encounter people who speak another native language. When working with professionals in such specialized sectors, nothing must get lost in translation.

Linguation provides an immediate free price quote when you upload a document to our website. Our specialized translators can translate any type of document including medical translations, scientific translations, technical translations, certified document translations, legal translations, and more. We provide translations of French to English, German, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Turkish, and more! We include a promised delivery date with your price quote and hold ourselves to it.

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At Linguation online translation agency, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We promise to deliver excellent French translations, accurate pricing information, and on-time delivery. To guarantee the best quality translations, our translators are all specialists in their field, who are native speakers of the target language. Every translation undergoes our two-stage review process where a second specialized translator double-checks for accuracy and grammar. Our convenient location in Paris ensures quick delivery for all Paris translation agency needs.

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