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The wealth of business opportunities lies in the city of Mumbai

The second most populous city after New Delhi is Mumbai. Formally known as Bombay, it is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city is widely considered the financial, commercial, and entertainment centers of India. It is where several of the nation’s most notable companies and multinational corporations are found. The heavy population of corporate headquarters has made Mumbai an attractive place for migrants from around the world. For these reasons, the city houses the highest number of billionaires in the nation. Additionally, Mumbai also boasts a major Bollywood industry and houses three major historical attractions. The Elephanta caves, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, and an ensemble of Victorian and Art Deco buildings that have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Mumbai Translation Agency is proud to support its clients in the translation of specialized documents into numerous language combinations.

Knowledgeable experts with the experience in every industry

All documents can be grouped into specific industries to which they belong to. This often implies that there are separate translation requirements that are to be expected by every industry. At Mumbai Translation Agency, experts from all disciplines will offer their assistance in the translation of complex documents. They will use their knowledge of the field to identify key terminology and concepts that are crucial to conveying an accurate message towards the target audience. Every expert is always kept informed and updated with any changes to the requirements of their industry. They will abide by the correct set of requirements in regards to translations and ensure that the document is suitable for use within its respective industry. To support clients in the translation of documents is the availability of numerous language options that suits their specific needs. A linguist with the mastery of the desired target language will adapt the document in a way that is familiar to the audience. They will rely on the use of specific grammatical structures and conventions in writing that precisely conveys the same message as the source document.

Fast and reliable translations that are always delivered to the promised date

Client can rely on Mumbai Translation Agency to deliver quality translations that will fulfill their specific requirements. Every document will receive a final assessment that will verify that it is suitable for delivery. The two-step quality assurance system is a mandatory step that will correct any mistranslations, and check that the translations follows the correct set of industry requirements. The experts entrusted with the translation will ensure that the original meaning or message of the text is not lost, but precisely adapted into the language of the target audience. Furthermore, clients will always have access online to review the progress of their translation. Dedicated staff are available 24/7 to help clients with any question or concerns regarding their translation. No matter how urgent a client may require their translation, Mumbai Translation Agency will always maintain its high standards and deliver quality translations that will fulfill every endeavour.

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  • Two-stage quality control by trained personnel
  • Free editing service

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