The city of Milan is considered one of the leading fashion capitals in the world

Milan is a city located in northern Italy that receives over 8 million visitors every year. The city has been renowned for its economic strengths in design, fashion, and art among its long list of establishments. Most notable, is the Milan Fashion Week and Milan Furniture Fair that has garnered world-wide attraction. Historically, Milan once served as the capital of the Western Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia. Since that time, the city has developed into the national and international headquarters to companies that have attributed to the city’s growth in revenue. Milan currently houses several museums and art galleries that include works of art and collections from major artists including Leonardo da Vinci.

Milan Translation Agency is a division of Linguation, that offers clients tailored services that meet both the language and industry requirements for every translation.

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Milan Translation Agency offers a wide range of languages for the translation of specialized documents from every industry. All the professionals are trained experts who are held to the utmost highest standards. They have attained a mastery of the target language and will utilize specific conventions in writing, to evoke the same message or meaning from the source document onto the translation. Our experts have a profound knowledge of the specific industry to which a document may belong to. They will identify terminology and concepts that are key to conveying the correct message towards the target audience. At Milan Translation Agency, all specialists in the field are highly aware of the specific set of regulations and requirements that exist for every document’s industry. They are kept informed of any changes within an industry, and will apply the correct measures to ensure that the translation is a valid document.

Commitment to diligence and accuracy in the delivery of all translations

Millan Translation Agency personalizes translation services to meet the needs of every document. All documents will be evaluated based on the length of the text, the level of difficulty, requirements of the industry, and the required language combination. These factors will offer clients a calculation that is reflective of the services their document will require. Furthermore, all final versions of a translation will undergo a strict two-step quality assurance system. This added measure will correct any mistranslations that may arise during the translation process. The process will ensure that the original message or meaning of the translation is an accurate reflection of the source content. Milan Translation Agency will adhere to the requirements of every industry and ensure that a client’s document always fulfills its intended purpose.

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