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The influence of the Spanish Empire on the development of Mexico City

The capital city of Mexico has been an important center of cultural and financial influence in the world. Originally founded by the indigenous people of the region, Mexico City is considered one of the oldest capitals in the Americas. As one of the former colonies of the Spanish Empire, the city is home to the largest population of Spanish-speaking inhabitants. Today, Mexico City is a frequently visited tourist destination and continues to serve as the political, administrative, and financial centers of the region. Since its independence from Spain, the city has seen rapid development and has implemented several progressive policies such as same-sex marriage, and abortion on demand.

Mexico City Translation Agency offers an extensive range of languages for the translation of industry-specific documents.

Experienced specialists with the detailed understanding of varying industries

The translation of medical documents or technical documents belong to a specialized industry and require the aid of an expert to perform the translation process. At Mexico City Translation Agency, an extensive network of experts from varying industrial backgrounds are available to support clients in all their translation needs. Our experts will assess the source document and identify key terminologies and concepts that are crucial in having the same impact in the language of the target audience. They will check that the translation follows the correct requirements set by industry standards and ensure that it is rendered useful in its intended purpose. Clients can be reassured that our agency will employ linguistic specialists with the understanding of the target language for the translation. They will utilize the appropriate conventions in writing and grammatical structures to always convey a message that is consistent with the statements made in the original document.

Maintenance of confidential information throughout the duration of the translation

The confidential nature of every client’s personal information is always kept private and secure by the experts at Mexico City Translation Agency. Only the specialist that is responsible for the translation will have access to the personal information stated on the document. As an added measure, all of the translations at the agency will undergo a strict two-step quality assurance system. The process will correct any mistranslations and check that the final version of the translation adheres to the correct requirements of its respective industry. No matter how tight a deadline may be, Mexico City Translation Agency will never compromise the quality of a translation and always deliver a service that exceeds the expectations of every client.

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