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Linguation provides quality translation of your medical documents

Linguation provides top-quality translation for all your medical documents. Our translators have experience of translating a vast range of medical texts relating to healthcare, medicine, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, medical reports (including epicrises and physician referrals) and operation reports. There is no room for mistranslation or ambiguity with medical translation. For this reason, Linguation will only allocate a medical translator with professional understanding of the specific medical area. We have a large team of medical translators and can provide medical translation services in a vast number of language combinations.

Linguation has translators with a range of medical specialisms

Linguation offers top-quality medical translation services to healthcare institutions, research centers, businesses and individuals. The length of document is not important. However long or short your medical document, Linguation will allocate a native speaker translator with the relevant professional knowledge of the medical area concerned. Linguation has a team of translators and we will assign a linguist with the expertise in the appropriate field, be it cardiology, oncology, gynaecology or dermatology. For this reason, you can be assured that your medical report, operation report, medical device user manual, medicine user instructions, epicrisis, physician referral or any other healthcare or medical document is accurately translated.

Linguation guarantees total confidentiality with your medical translation

You can also be assured that confidentiality of your medical document is given top priority at Linguation. We fully appreciate that you epicrisis, operation report or physician referral are highly personal documents. You can securely upload your document to be translated via our online platform and your medical report will remain secure throughout the translation process. Linguation also appreciates fully the importance of accurate medical translation. There must be no mistranslation when it comes to the use of medical devices or medicines. However careful a translator, mistakes and typos do happen. For this reason, after our specialist translator has completed the translation of your medical document, a second professional is assigned to quality assure and check for inaccuracies or ambiguities. This second professional also has the specific medical expertise required to ensure that the translation of your medical document is correct and fit for purpose in the target language. Only after Linguation’s stringent quality assurance will we deliver the final document to you.

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