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Linguation can fulfil all your manual translation requirements. A product manual, also known as a user guide or handbook, is a document which sets out instructions on how to use a particular piece of equipment or system. A manual also often instructs how to maintain the product or how to troubleshoot should issues occur. A clear, understandable manual is essential to maintain customer satisfaction and promote customer loyalty. Linguation offers manual translation services in a diverse range of sectors. We provide the translation of manuals and user guides for the motor industry, for computer, white goods and household appliance manufacturers and for the healthcare sector. Our manual translation service offers the translation of all types and lengths of manuals, from highly technical manuals to quick and easy, user-friendly handbooks.

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In today’s highly competitive globalised market, it is essential that you offer the end user of your product a manual which is understandable and easy-to-use. A manual is part of your product package. If your customers are unable to easily follow the manual, customer satisfaction will be low and they will be less likely to make a repeat purchase. Linguation will assign a native-speaker of the target language to translate your user manual. The allocated translator will also have current knowledge of the relevant country and will ensure that up-to-date language is used and country-specific expectations are met. Furthermore, we will allocate a translator who has sector specific knowledge. At Linguation we are very aware that to translate proficiently a technical manual, relevant technical expertise and understanding is vital. The same applies for the healthcare sector. For the translation of a manual for healthcare equipment, we will assign a professional with the relevant healthcare experience, as there is no room for ambiguity or confusion when it comes to medical concerns.

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Linguation can provide you with a manual translation service, regardless of your business size. We translate for large multi-national companies with multi-national brands. We also translate for smaller businesses who provide products for customers in different countries. Whatever the scale of your business, Linguation can meet your manual translation needs. We offer translation to and from German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish and other European and non-European languages. Just contact us for details. We have a team of experienced translators with a diverse range of language combinations and industry expertise. If you need a fast manual translation, we can assign a team of translators to work on your order, providing a quick turnaround. Moreover, our stringent quality assurance procedures by industry experts ensure a high-quality, accurate translation, localized to meet the expectations of the target-language customer.

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