The prominence of the Malay language across the Strait of Malacca

The Malay language is often also recognized as Malacca, Johor, Or Riau Malay. It is the spoken language to 290 million people across the Strait of Malacca. Various countries lie within this region and have established Malay as the official language in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. The Malay language has also been found to be used as a trading language in the southern part of the Philippines. Linguation Online Translation Agency will cater to the needs of every client and provide a wide range of language options suited to their translation needs. Our experts with the knowledge and mastery of the target language will ensure the correct adaption of your document. They will utilize the unique writing conventions belonging to the target language, and convey the desired message towards your audience.

Adherence to translation requirements from the guidance of industry experts

Understanding the differing set of requirements for every industry is one of the benefits you can receive from Linguation Online Translation Agency. An expert with the relevant knowledge in the area of medicine, legal, technical, and various other disciplines will be assigned based on the industry to which your document belongs to. They will utilize their previous experience within the industry to identify key terminology and concepts, that will highlight the message you are trying to convey towards the target audience. Furthermore, our experts are always kept up-to-date with new ideas and changes in the requirements of the field. This will ensure that your document is always acceptable and approved by the recipients of the industry. Linguation specialists will always ensure the precise translation of your document by maintaining the original meaning stated in the source document.

Fast delivery of quality translations to the promised date

The two-step quality assurance system at Linguation Online Translation Agency will guarantee the consistent level of accuracy for all translations. This stringent process will correct all mistakes and ambiguous statements that are not a true reflection of the original document. Additionally, an expert in your field will ensure that the translation follows the correct requirements and regulations expected by the target audience. Linguation will apply a service that is tailored to suit the requirements of the individual document. All documents will be separately calculated based on the overall length of the text, level of difficulty, the industry which utilizes the document, and the language combination required for the translation. This will guarantee that clients receive a price that is fairly calculated based on their differing attributes. At Linguation, every translation will be delivered to the promised date without ever compromising the quality of the document.

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