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The influence of neighbouring languages on the development of Khmer

Khmer, or more precisely known as Cambodian, is the language spoken by the Khmer people of Cambodia. Of the Austroasiatic language group, Khmer is the second most spoken language with approximately 16 million native speakers. The Khmer language has been developed from the considerable influence of Sanskrit and Pali through religious registers like Hinduism and Buddhism. As a result of the close proximity and long-term cultural contact with its neighbouring countries, Khmer has been colloquially influenced by the languages of Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, and Cham. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, languages from all cultural backgrounds are offered for the translation of specialized documents. All of our experts have the relevant training and experience to facilitate the translation process. They will utilize their understanding of the target language to convey a message that is an accurate representation of the source content. Linguation experts will use specific literary devices and writing conventions to emphasize the notable information that are required by your target audience.

Adherence to essential requirements that will determine the validity of a translation

Depending on which industry your document belongs to, Linguation Online Translation Agency can provide a specialist in the area of medical, legal, technical, and various other fields to assist in the facilitation of your translation. They can offer their knowledge of the industry to identify ideas and concepts, to ensure that the correct message is communicated towards the target audience. Our experts will guarantee that the document adheres to the requirements set by the industry. This will ensure that the translation is approved and successfully fulfills its intended purpose. Linguation will provide a service that is specifically catered to meet the requirements of your translation.

Exceptional service maintained by Linguation’s quality assurance system

Providing excellence for clients is a top priority at Linguation Online Translation Agency. Our agency prides itself on being able to deliver quality translations, no matter the difficult nature of every document. Linguation’s intuitive system delivers individual pricing and services that are tailored to suit the requirements of every translation. All calculations will be based on a document’s length, difficulty, the industry to which it belongs to, and the required language combination. After the final version of the translation has been completed, it will undergo Linguation’s two-step quality assurance system. This in-depth editing process will check to make sure that the translation is free of errors, and any statements that do not imply the same meaning as the source text is corrected. Above all else, it will ensure that the document adheres to the requirements of its industry and follows the correct formatting regulations. Linguation will always ensure that your translation is fit for its purpose and is well-received by the target audience.

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