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Interviews are an integral part of conducting research in academia, assessing potential candidates for employment positions, and reporting stories in the field of journalism. An interview can be defined as a formal, one-on-one interaction that takes place between an interviewer and interviewee. Its aim is to is to uncover information or get answers from the interviewee. In the context of employment, the interview conducted during the screening process will be used to evaluate a potential candidate and determine whether they meet the qualifications required to fill a specified position. Regardless of the intent of an interview, Linguation Online Translation Agency will be happy to support clients with the comprehensive translation of their interviews. Our experts will provide a skillful translation that accurately conveys the same message and impact in the client’s desired language combination.

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As interviews are utilized towards a diverse range of industries, it is important that the translation of such documents is adapted in a way that is suitable for use in the respective industry. The experts at Linguation Online Translation Agency have acquired a level of proficiency in the area of translations, and are aware of the different set of translation requirements that exist in every field. We will assign a suitable team of experts who are familiar with the topic of interviews, to conduct the translation process. Our experts are aware of the type of language and key terminology used in the document, and will accurately represent these ideas in the language of the target audience. They will work to find an equivalent word that closely conveys the same meaning as the original term when a direct translation is not possible. Furthermore, they will apply the correct set of requirements expected by industry professionals, and ensure that the translation fulfills its intended outcome.

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The level of quality applied to a translation service will determine the overall success of the translated text or document in fulfilling its intended purpose. Linguation Online Translation Agency is dedicated to providing the utmost professional level of service to all our clients. Our experts are aware of the ramifications that can arise as a result of a poor translation. For this reason, they will implement the proper measures to ensure that every translation meets the high level of standards set by Linguation. Our two-step quality assurance system will be applied at the end of every translation service, which will evaluate the translation for: any errors, revise any ambiguous statements that inconsistent with the context of the source document, verify that the correct industry requirements have been applied to the translation, and certify that the final text is an accurate reflection of the original document. The final translation will only be delivered to the client after it has exceeded the aforementioned criteria.

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