Upload a range of products on Amazon through the complete translation of product flat files

With the height of Amazon’s popularity online, many businesses are utilizing the platform to promote a broad range of products to consumers from around the world. However, due to the diversity of products available on the platform, item variations must be categorized separately and classified using Amazon’s product flat file. This common template is utilized by businesses when promoting product variations that are not listed anywhere in Amazon’s product classifier. More specifically, a product flat file will upload the seller’s whole inventory onto Amazon, and list their products and product variations into a specific category. Linguation Online Translation Agency is a reliable source for translation services that range from adapting official certificates, to interpreting technical content specific to a designated industry. Our network of professionals will be available to support clients with the translation of their Amazon product flat file, and promote their products to an international market online.

Rely on the knowledge of specialists with the experience in handling Amazon flat file translations

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, professionals who are familiar with Amazon’s online platform will be tasked with facilitating the translation of Amazon flat files. Our experts have acquired the level of proficiency necessary to offer their expertise of the field, and ensure the successful outcome of every translation. They will work with the client to precisely adapt all products and its variations from the inventory in a clear and coherent manner. Our experts will identify the specific terms that will require an adaptation in the target language, and find an equivalent term that holds the same meaning as the word used in the original document whenever a direct translation is not possible. Above all else, our experts will work within the requirements of the file template, and render the final translation suitable for use towards uploading the client’s inventory onto Amazon’s online platform.

Full maintenance of the client’s data throughout the duration of the translation service

Sensitive information regarding a client will always be kept safe secure by the experts at Linguation Online Translation Agency. We understand that entrusting a translation service provider can be a difficult task when it involves information that is personal to the client. For this reason, only the team of experts assigned to facilitate the translation service will have access to the client’s text or document. This will limit any information from being leaked to the public, and will grant limited access only to those commissioned to work on the translation project. Our experts will be responsible for providing regular updates to the client regarding the status of their translation, and will also be available to answer any questions concerning the client’s translation. Linguation will always protect the client’s identity throughout the duration of the translation process.

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