Arabic is the official language of Dubai

The city of Dubai is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This metropolis, with it skyscraper skyline, is situated on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Dubai is renowned as a business, trade and tourism hub for Western Asia. The official written and spoken language of Dubai is Arabic. Government business is conducted in Arabic and laws are written in Arabic. However, an estimated 75% of Dubai’s population are foreign nationals and English is the most spoken language in Dubai. The culture of the United Arab Emirates follows Islamic and Arab traditions and roles. At Linguation, we have a team of translators who are native-speakers of Arabic and who have full knowledge of the Arab and Islamic cultures and traditions. This way, our Dubai translation service ensures high-quality translations not only in terms of language accuracy, but also in terms of cultural appropriateness.

Respecting culture and traditions

It is vital to be aware of, and to adhere, to the culture and traditions of the local country. This is particularly important when translating business and trade documents. For example, showing respect is a very important part of business etiquette in Dubai. Our native-speaking translators are aware of the local business practices and expectations and as such Linguation can ensure that your document is fit-for-purpose for the appropriate target audience. This is particularly important with marketing texts, advertisements and websites. Our translators will convey the information while adhering to the cultural norms and expectations. We will allocate a translator who is not only linguistically competent but also skilled in the localization of a translation. When it comes to advertisements and websites, we have professionals proficient in transcreation, ensuring that the key sentiment of the document, website message or advertisement is transferred whilst avoiding possible unintended insult or offence.

Meeting all your translation requirements, whatever your business sector

Dubai is the business, trade and tourism centre of Western Asia and Linguation’s Dubai translation service can support your translation needs whatever your business sector or field. Allow Linguation to take care of all your legal, medical, technical, marketing and financial translation requirements. We will assign an appropriate professional translator with the relevant industrial or business experience to translate your document to the highest standard. Moreover, we will allocate a linguist with the relevant cultural expertise to ensure that your translation is fit-for-purpose for the target audience. Whatever the document length, contact Linguation for a quote today. If you require a fast translation, contact the Dubai translation service to discuss your turnaround requirements. Our team of specialist translators allows Linguation to meet even the tightest of deadlines.

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