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The cover letter is an essential component for starting a successful professional career. In a cover letter, the applicant presents to the potential employer all of his or her potential and personal motivation for the job. The readers pay attention to every detail and a poorly worded sentence can sometimes mean the premature end of a new career option.

For all applicants who want to work abroad or for a foreign company, an error-free and thoroughly prepared application is essential to give a competent first impression. But what is already a challenge for many in their own mother tongue is even more difficult in another language. The risk of making formal or content errors is enormous. To submit a successful application, it therefore makes sense to trust this task to a specialist and request a professional translation of your cover letter. Linguation works with the most competent translators in the industry for this task.

What does the professional translation of my cover letter cost?

Depending on the type of document and the desired language combination, there are different costs for translating a letter. Since cover letters are usually more extensive than a resume, they usually cost more. The desired language combination also plays a role in pricing. For widely used languages such as English, French or Spanish, quotes are generally cheaper than for less common languages, due to availability of translators.

With the innovative Linguation Price Calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate the price for your personal translation. Simply upload the document to be translated and you will immediately receive a non-binding quote and a fixed delivery date. If you happy with our quote, the next easy step is to place the order. As soon as the translation is complete, you will receive the translated letter in electronic form by email and a hard copy by post.

Certified translation of application documents

A certified translated letter is a translation completed by an authorized, sworn translation. Since cover letters and other application documents are extremely important, a certified translation is usually required. For other types of text, such as catalogs, a non-certified translation is sufficient. If the cover letter or certificate has to be certified, there is a certification fee and costs for sending the documents. But don't worry, Linguation will cover the additional postage costs for you. For a quality translation, just upload your document for an individual quote.

A successful application requires a whole series of documents. Linguation provides the certified translation of:

  • Cover letter
  • Certificate of employment
  • Bachelor / Master / Diploma certificate
  • Tabular CV
  • LinkedIn / Xing profile
  • Internship certificate
  • School / high school diploma
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