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A copyright is a license that is intended to protect the expression of an idea, thereby granting the owner exclusive rights to authorship. It is a form of intellectual property which extends, but is not limited to: musical, artistic, literary, and educational forms of expression. Copyrights become integral when you intend to use an expression for the purposes of commercial distribution. Whether it be at home or in a foreign market, copyrights must be used to transfer the right of ownership to another individual. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we understand the value of your intellectual property. Our qualified specialists will ensure the fair use of your idea, by certifying that the contents of the copyright be a true and accurate representation of your business.

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Expanding into the foreign market often requires an endless number of legal documents that need to be translated correctly to ensure its use for the intended audience. In particular, knowledgeable translators are essential when it comes to protecting your intellectual property abroad. Linguation Online Translation Agency has an extensive number of legal experts with the appropriate experience in the industry, to verify that all translations are precise and adhere to the requirements of the local jurisdiction. We will assign a personal expert to oversee the process of your translation and ensure that your license is an accurate depiction to the right and protection of your intellectual property. With the complex nature of legal documents, we understand the stress associated with protecting the integrity of your work. Our experts will work tirelessly to reassure your translation exceeds all your expectations.

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At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we understand the value of a professional translation. Our qualified experts with an in-depth knowledge of your relevant industry, have the experience to delegate the proper translation of your legal documents. They understand the complex nature of legal contexts, and will ensure that all terminology be an accurate depiction of the original document. Unlike our competitors, Linguation’s two-step quality assurance system adheres to the strict requirements of your intended audience, and ensures the utmost professional service. Our system will thoroughly check for any mistranslations and errors that may arise during the translation process. You can be reassured that the confidentially of your personal documents are our highest concern. Linguation will protect all personalized information and deliver an outstanding level of excellence for every business solution.

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