The old Viking roots in the establishment of present-day Copenhagen

Officially recognized as the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen is the country’s most populated city and is home to over a million inhabitants. The city was once a Viking fishing village which was eventually established as the capital in early 15th century. Since that time, the city had undergone rapid urban and cultural development, and remains the economic center of Denmark. Its economic position was consolidated through initiatives in information technology, pharmaceuticals, and clean technology. Copenhagen continues to be the home of Denmark’s government, and is the major financial center of Northern Europe and the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

Copenhagen Translation Agency offers clients the professional translation of industry-specific document into various language combinations.

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The adherence to the correct industry requirements will ensure that every translation is suitable for use towards a specific purpose. Copenhagen Translation Agency offers an extensive range of services that are dedicated to every industry. Experts with the experience and knowledge of their field will precisely adapt key terminologies and crucial concepts for the final translation. They will ensure that the recipient of the text fully receives the original message being conveyed to them. The expert will always abide by the strict set of industry requirements, and ensure that the document is fit for its intended purpose. The agency’s large network of linguistic specialists will work to make certain that the translation is legible and easily understood by the target audience. They will rely on the use of grammar and specific conventions in writing that is familiar to the language, and accurately communicate the same message that was stated from the source document.

Reassured protection of personal information throughout every translation

Information stated on a document can often contain material that is sensitive or personal in nature. Copenhagen Translation Agency will take every measure to maintain their clients’ confidentiality throughout the duration of the translation process. Limited access to a client’s information will only be given to the experts assigned to perform the translation service. Clients can be reassured that the agency’s two-step quality assurance system will continue to uphold the strict protection of their personal data. The process will determine if the translation is suitable for use in its respective industry. It will check that all the mistranslations in the document has been corrected, that it adheres to the correct set of industry requirements, and that it evokes the same message from the source text as it would in the language of the target audience. Copenhagen Translation Agency is dedicated to providing professional services that will always maintain the client’s privacy.

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