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Commercials, otherwise known as television advertisements, play an integral role in the marketing industry. They act as a dynamic form of advertising that is used to convey a message that promotes a company’s products or services, aimed at a specific target market. Commercials are a powerful marketing tool that can be used to promote a company’s image and attract viewers on a large platform. Linguation Online Translation Agency will support their clients in the distribution of commercials to be used towards a global audience. Our agency hosts a number of experts from the marketing industry, and will work with the clients to effectively communicate their desired message. We will always produce content that has the same lasting impression with audiences across multiple language combinations.

Successful communication of commercials from industry professionals

Content used in the marketing industry can be difficult to adapt as it will be communicated to audiences of various linguistic backgrounds. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, our marketing experts are fully aware of the cultural differences that exist in every language, and will work to produce commercial translations that are specifically tailored for the target audience. Our experts will remain culturally sensitive to specific forms of humor, sarcasm and figures of speech, since, not all contexts can be directly transferred from one language to another. For these reasons, they will work with the clients in producing translations that will maintain the same message and impact in a way that is acceptable for audiences across various language combinations. At Linguation, we understand that building a lasting connection with consumers is crucial for facilitating interest in a brand, and ultimately increasing a company’s overall revenue.

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Clients can always rely on the dedicated staff at Linguation Online Translation Agency to adapt translations in a diligent and precise manner. The prices and services offered at the agency will be based on the client’s document: its overall length, how difficult the text is, the specific industry requirements, and the desired language combination. These factors will ensure that clients receive a fair price for their translation service. As an added benefit for our clients, we will implement a mandatory two-step quality assurance system for all of our services. This final editing measure will verify that the translation adheres to the correct requirements of its industry, is free of errors, and that it is an accurate depiction of the source text. We will only deliver the translation after the successful completion of this process. Regardless of how tight a deadline may be, Linguation will always deliver professional translation in a timely manner.

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