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Professional catalog translations

Catalogs are an integral part of many industries and used for numerous products and services. The majority of catalogs are specialist and complex. In order to successfully sell your product in international markets a professional catalog translation is required.

If you would like to offer catalogs for products and services in multiple languages, it is simply not enough to translate into the native language. The translator has to localize the content, for example dimensions and currencies and transpose cultural characteristics to suit the target countries. Technical or medical catalog translations particularly require translator expertise. Moreover, knowledge of industry or subject-specific safety and accounting regulations is required for catalog translations. Our Linguation graduate translators deal competently and routinely with all of these aspects.

Catalog translations at the best price

The price of a catalog translation primarily depends on the size of the catalog. However, this is not the only criterion. As with other texts, catalog translations also differ in their degree of difficulty. And of course, the choice of target language also plays a role. The availability of competent and appropriately qualified translators is limited for languages such as Slovenian and Bulgarian in comparison to English, German, French and Spanish.

Be assured Linguation will search for the ideal translator for your translation at the best possible price. Simply upload your catalog to the Linguation price calculator and receive a non-binding quote for a professional and comprehensive catalog translation.

High quality catalog translations

We only work with certified and professional translators when translating catalogs. Our competent specialist translators have several years of work experience in the field of catalog translation and know the respective foreign language so comprehensively that they are also able to translate language-specific humor and play on words competently.

In addition to a range of product catalogs, Linguation can also provide the translation of brochures, flyers, graphics, websites and press releases.

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