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The need for a professional translation will arise for individuals to fulfill a different set of obligations. In many instances, an expert with an understanding of the specifications and complexities involved in the translation process will be required to manage specialized document content. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, several dedicated service areas are available to support the translation of documents from every industry. Our agency offers an extensive network of industry professionals and linguistic specialists from all backgrounds, who will be assigned to help facilitate the client’s translation service. Our clients will receive prices and services that are tailored to meet the needs of their document, to ensure the successful outcome of every translation.

Individual assessment for every type of document

It is important to recognize that not all documents are alike. For these reasons, Linguation Online translation agency provides a separate assessment of all documents to be processed for a translation service. The team of experts assigned to perform the translation project will be tasked with evaluating the components of the source document, and offer their client an appropriate price for their services. The calculation of the translation cost will be based on factors that include: the overall length of the document, the industry to which the document belongs to, the expected set of requirements, and the desired language combination required for the translation. The individualized assessment of every document will ensure that our clients receive a fair price that is reflective of their specific needs.

Heightened security measure that will guarantee the protection of one’s personal information

The contents of a document can often contain information that is rather sensitive or personal in nature. Linguation Online Translation Agency is dedicated to preserving and maintaining the protection of the client’s personal data throughout the duration of any translation service. Our intuitive online platform will limit access to the client’s document to the team of professional assigned to facilitate the translation process. This crucial measure will certify that the contents of the document is maintained by a trusted team of professionals, who will work to disclose the client’s personal details from outside sources. Furthermore, our clients will be given access to track the progress of their translation and get into immediate contact with their managing team whenever a concern should arise. They can always rely on Linguation to maintain their confidentiality throughout the duration of any translation process.

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