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The multicultural city of Buenos Aires

The capital and largest city of Argentina is Buenos Aires, which is officially known as the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The city is home to 15.6 million inhabitants and is most recognized for its rich cultural life, and distinguished preservation of eclectic European architecture. Buenos Aires is most notable for hosting the 1st Pan American Games in 1951. Today, the capital is the symbol of multiculturalism and remains home to various ethnic and religious groups. Language is a major contributing factor to the city’s diversity, as several languages other than Spanish is widely spoken in the nation.

Buenos Aires Translation Agency is dedicated to providing tailored services for the translation of complex documents.

Communicate the desired message with the support from industry experts

Throughout many industries, there are several components that go into the translation of documents. Adapting industry specific words and concepts are often crucial in conveying an accurate message towards the recipient of the text. At Buenos Aires Translation Agency, specialists with the appropriate knowledge of numerous disciplines will lend their expertise in the translation of industry-specific documents. They will always abide by the strict requirements set by every industry and ensure that the translation is suitable for use towards its intended purpose. They will assess the source document and highlight key words and statements that will have a profound impact on the overall message of the text. The agency will allocate a native speaker with the linguistic understanding of the target language to adapt the document in a way that is familiar to the audience. They will adapt the key statements from the source text using the correct grammatical structures and conventions in writing that is widely used in the target language. This will guarantee that the precise message is being communicated towards the audience.

Unparalleled standards maintained by a unique quality assurance system

Buenos Aires Translation Agency is committed to providing reliable services that are catered to the needs of every client. The agency will calculate a personalized quote that will be dependent on the length of the document, it’s level of difficulty, the industry requirements, and the desired target language. This will ensure that clients receive a fair price and service that is catered to the needs of the individual document. The agency will always implement a final two-step quality assurance system for every service offered at the agency. This measure will correct any mistranslations and errors that were missed in the preliminary stage of the translation process. It will check that the document adheres to the correct requirements of its industry, and that it maintains the original message as stated on the source material. Upon the successful completion of this process, the final translation will then be mailed and delivered to the client. Throughout the entire process, clients will be given access to view the current status of their translation and communicate any concerns they have with the appropriate expert.

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