Bucharest is considered the city with the highest potential for development

Bucharest is prominently recognized as the capital city of Romania with roughly 2 million inhabitants. It was ranked as the fourth largest city in the European Union, and has remained a popular travel destination for international tourists. Bucharest serves as the nation’s industrial, cultural, and financial centers, and is most notable for its architecture. Many of the city’s historic building and districts have survived the World War and has since been renovated. The combination of both the historic and modern architecture has attributed to the city’s unique flair. Over the past few years, Bucharest has experienced an economic and cultural boom and is among the fastest growing high-tech cities. As a result, the city is responsible for hosting the largest technology summit in Southeast Europe.

As an extension of Linguation, At Bucharest Translation Agency offers several services for the translation of specialized documents. Various language options are available to cater to the requirements of every client.

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Bucharest Translation Agency operates by supporting the needs of every client and provides services that are specifically tailored for each individual document. Clients can be reassured knowing that all calculations are based on the length of the text, level of difficulty, specific requirements to which the document belongs to, and the preferred language combination. The experts at Bucharest Translation Agency have the mastery of a number of target languages, and are fully capable of conveying the desired message towards a target audience. They will apply specific writing conventions to emphasize key ideas and concepts mentioned in the original document. Furthermore, an expert with the appropriate knowledge of the medical, legal, technical, and various other disciplines, will implement the correct requirements of the respective industry. This added measure will ensure that your translation is fit for its intended purpose and is approved by the recipients of the industry.

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Providing an exceptional level of service to clients is a top priority for Bucharest Translation Agency. Our efficient staff are always available to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding a translation. They will always provide updates on the status of your document, so that you are kept informed throughout the translation process. As an added benefit, Bucharest Translation Agency employs the same two-step quality assurance system as Linguation. This final editing process will correct any mistakes that may arise during the translation process, and ensure that it always maintains the same message as the original document. No matter how tight a deadline may be, the experts at Bucharest Translation Agency will work efficiently and diligently to deliver a quality translation that exceeds all your expectations.

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