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The business capital of Colombia is situated in Bogota

During the time of the Spanish colonization, Bogota was formally known as Santa Fe de Bogotá. The capital city of Columbia remains the largest city in the country, and is considered the economic center of Columbia. Several of its political, and administrative offices are located at the heart of the city. This includes the executive offices of the President, the Congress of Columbia, and the Supreme Court of Justice. Bogota has long been the symbol of economic strength of the nation, and has become an attractive financial center for global companies. Today, the capital is considered a leading destination for foreign direct investments.

Bogota Translation Agency strives to support its clients in the translation of documents from various industries.

Receive a professional translation that exceeds the expectations of every industry

When expanding a business internationally, individuals must have the appropriate documents prepared to conduct business with foreign investors. At Bogota Translation Agency, services are tailored to meet the requirements of every industry. Whether a client requires an academic translation or the adaption of their financial statements, we will have a solution that meets the demands of the industry. An expert with the necessary experience in the respective field of the document will be responsible for the translation process. They will apply their knowledge of the field by identifying key terminologies and concepts that often play a crucial role in communicating the correct information to the target audience. Furthermore, clients can always find the language they need for their translation with the availability of numerous languages that exist at our agency. Our linguists will use the correct grammatical structures and conventions in writing, to convey the desired message towards the target audience. The professionals at Bogota Translation Agency will work diligently to maintain the same meaning stated in the source text into the target language.

Fast delivery of translations without compromising the quality of the service

The promise of quality translations is a high-priority at Bogota Translation Agency. To ensure the consistent level of service across all areas of translations, our agency applies a strict two-step quality assurance system. This process is final editing measure that will correct any mistranslations, and makes certain that the document adheres to the requirements from its respective industry. Our agency will only deliver a translation that is successful in fulfilling its intended purpose. Furthermore, clients will always receive a personalized quote that is reflective of the services they require. Bogota Translation Agency understands that no two documents are alike, and so services and prices must reflect the individual nature of every document.

Guarantee of quality

  • Professional translators (Translation only by native speakers of the target language)
  • Two-stage quality control by trained personnel
  • Free editing service

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