The historical city of Beirut

The capital and largest city of Lebanon is formally known as Beirut. They city is situated on the midpoint of Lebanon’s Mediterranean coast, and is home to 2.2. million inhabitants. Beirut is often considered one of the oldest cities in the world with its existence dating back to the 15th century BC Amarna letters from the New Kingdom of Egypt. The capital serves as the seat of Lebanon’s government and the center for the nation’s economic activities. It is home to several banks and corporations, and continues to plays an important role as a major seaport for the nation.

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Translation solutions tailored for every industry

There are several components that must be considered in the translation of complex documents. Information stated in a document can often contain industry-specific concepts and terminology, that require the assistance from a professional with an understanding of the industry. The experts at Beirut Translation Agency have the necessary knowledge of various industries and their associated translation requirements. Whether a client requires a professional in the field of legal or marketing the agency will allocate the appropriate expert to facilitate the translation process. The expert will assess the source document and identify key words and concepts that will have a profound impact on the overall meaning of the text. They will always certify that the translation adheres to the correct requirements of its industry. This measure will guarantee that the final translation is suitable for its intended purpose. The agency’s network of linguistic experts will adapt the key statements from the source document, and convey the desired message in a way that is familiar to the target audience. They will utilize grammatical structures and conventions in writing that are commonly used in the language to communicate the message.

Protecting the confidential nature of every document

In many instances, documents can contain information that is both sensitive and personal in nature. It is important to keep such information confidential so as to protect the identity of the individual. Beirut Translation Agency is committed to maintaining the privacy of their clients throughout every translation service. Only the experts assigned to perform the translation will be given access to the document and its contents. This will limit the information from being transferred between multiple individuals. To ensure the consistent level of quality across all translations, every document will undergo a strict two-step quality assurance measure. This process will check that the translation is free of errors and verify that it adheres to the correct requirements of its industry. Most importantly, it will check that the translation is an accurate representation of the source document and that it maintains the original message of the text. No matter how tight a deadline may be, Beirut Translation Agency will never compromise on the quality of the translation. The agency will always deliver professional translations to the promised date.

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