The rich history of Beijing dates back to three millennia

Beijing is the capital city of the People’s Republic of China, and is regarded as one of the oldest cities in the world. For the past eight centuries, the capital has remained the political center of the country. Beijing has been classified as a mega city with over 21 million residents and is considered the nation’s cultural, educational, and political centers. The city is home to four of the world’s biggest financial institutions, and holds a large number of Fortune Global 500 companies. Several of China’s largest state-owned companies are located in the heart of the city, developing the nation into an economic powerhouse. The city offers its own unique flair through the combination of both modern and traditional architecture. Beijing has some major historic attractions including the Forbidden City and parts of the Great Wall that have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Beijing Translation Agency has linguistic professionals that are available to support businesses and individuals in the translation of specialized documents.

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Apart from the history of Beijing, the city has been a booming destination for tourism and business. At Beijing Translation Agency, literary professionals with an aptitude for various target languages will be assigned to perform the translation of documents. Through their understanding of the culture, our experts will use specific literary devices to effectively communicate the desired message towards a target audience. They will work diligently to transcribe the correct message stated in the source document into the target language. To ensure that the translation is rendered useful for its respective purpose, Beijing Translation Agency will abide by the strict requirements of the industry the document belongs to.

Dedicated staff who are available to assist clients on their translations

The experts at Beijing Translation Agency have the relevant training to handle various challenges that may arise during the translation process. Our experts are always available 24/7 to assist clients on issues regarding their translation. Throughout every stage during the process, clients will receive an update regarding the status of their document. Every translation is checked thoroughly with our two-step quality assurance system. This added measure, will ensure that the final translation is free of errors and that it always maintains the same message as the source text. Keeping the target audience in mind, our experts will strictly follow the requirements set by the industry to which the document belong to. By adhering to such specifications, clients can be reassured that their translations will be fully useful and approved by the recipients of the industry.

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